The UK copyright service

Lady Ju Gallery is managed by Jurita Kalite and Juka Britannia Consulting, are authorised agent of The UK copyright service.

Registering on behalf of the copyright owner. 

We has help pages covering a wide range of intellectual property topics, including:

  • Copyright law and international conventions
  • Advice on how to protect your work
  • How to use copyright notices
  • How to deal with copyright infringement and plagiarism
  • Specific advice for writers, musicians, artists, web designers, etc.

Copyright Registration fact sheet from the UK Copyright Service.

Some copyright owners will prefer their solicitor, publisher, recording company or agent to deal with copyright registration for them. It is quite common, particularly among solicitors, for an individual or company to act as authorised agent and register work on someone else’s behalf.

Intellectual property guide from the UK Copyright Service.

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