The “Eternal Love” art series

Someday I will return to you by the rain,
Rain in autumn in the memory of the rustling,
You will tell me, It was all a dream …
And I will answer,  It was happiness…

(“My life in memory of Eternal Love” by Ms Jurita Kalite, 2017)

Charles Aznavour and Jurita Kalite in memory of Eternal Love video (Russian Language versions of song):

When I hear Tango’s passion,
The ecstasy of desire fills the flesh …
In an instant … for two, one …
Bliss … Dance of two!
(Ms Jurita Kalite, 2017)

An unusual embodiment understanding of love on art is my series of works “UNE VIE D’AMOUR”. Since love lives forever. 
In my life there were difficult periods, tragedies. My paintings help to suffer and experience on long paths in eternity. On the painting you can see as beautiful love already gone in forever in eternity.
In the space of the color, I sees the symbol of infinity, because color has no beginning and end and therefore symbolizes infinity.The short, captivating beauty of the love reminds us of the transience of human life.