The “City View” art series

“In my extensive travels throughout Europe, stops to consider the finest details of Gothic cathedrals or the rooftops of residential streets.” J Kalite


This video is Presentation of Jurita Kalite’s Oil painting “The roof of the Old Riga“:

In my extensive travels throughout Europe, stops to consider the finest details of Gothic cathedrals or the rooftops of residential streets, middle century historical’s street with merchant’s house’s
On the painting you see a characteristic old city landscape in of Europe, the Middle Ages or Medieval Period around 16th – 17th century. In the city view there is no sadness, on the contrary, the mood is peaceful.

On the cobblestone pavement (English Walking up the cobblestone pavement of Old City) –the idea of ​​the painting came to Jurita’s in 2016 when she was walking along the Old City with her little friend Terrier Masik.
There is a legend that a happy stone lay in the old town in the middle of the street. On a granite cobble-stone from nature, with colored prodlets, a clear figure of two is two. They say that if you stand on a cobblestone with two lovers, then their desire will come true.

Swedish Gate Old Riga Latvia

Jurita 2019, watercolor 40x50cm

Legend of a Riga girl’s love for a Swedish soldier

This legend is connected with the Swedish gate of Old Riga. In ancient times, local young ladies were not allowed to enter into close relations with military people. But you can’t order a heart, and one Riga girl fell in love with a Swedish soldier. Every evening, a couple in love met at the Swedish Gate (in those days, the Swedish Gate led from Riga to the military barracks). As usual, residents of the city found out about this, who decided to punish the couple in love. The young people were walled up in the walls of the Swedish Gate opposite each other. They say that today, if couples pass through the Swedish gate at noon or midnight, then they can hear the groans of unhappy lovers …

Легенда о любви девушки-рижанки к шведскому солдату 
Эта легенда связана со Шведскими воротами Старой Риги. В давние времена местным барышням не разрешалось вступать в близкие отношения с военными людьми. Но сердцу не прикажешь, и одна девушка-рижанка влюбилась в шведского солдата. Каждый вечер, влюбленная пара встречалась у Шведских ворот (в те времена Шведские ворота вели из Риги к военным казармам). Об это, как водится, прознали жители города, которые решили наказать влюбленную пару. Молодых людей замуровали в стены Шведских ворот напротив друг друга. Говорят, и в наши дни, если пары проходят через Шведские ворота в полдень или полночь, то они могут услышать стоны несчастных влюбленных…