Issued by the Lady Ju Art Gallery of Artist Ms Jurita Kalite. This document certifies that the artwork you purchase is a unique and original work or a limited edition series hand signed and numbered by Ms Jurita Kalite. The document describes the artwork, title, date, medium, size and a unique catalogue number along with original signature.  

This Object in the Lady Ju Art Gallery’s Collection is assigned a Unique Number.

The Certificate is also marked with the official embossed stamp of The Lady Ju Art Gallery.

This artwork is authentic and original based on personal observations, imagination, sketches and photos. All copyright and reproduction rights are retained by the artist. This artwork can not be reproduced by any means without the expressed written consent of the artist.

Special Instructions: 

The painting should be mounted in acid free material behind glass and if displayed away from direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting it should be entirely durable for many years.