The roof of the Old Riga by Jurita Kalite


Date of Creation: 2018

Material: oil on canvas , Signed by artist

Unframed Size: 50 x 60 x 3 cm  

Framed Size: 


Painting: flowers

Museum Quality Paintings

No prints or computer generated techniques


This artwork represent a “cocktail” of emotion transmission through color and form, through the combination of application, lines and shapes which determine the mood of the work and an explosive experience of color and soul.
 The artist often uses the red color when creating his paintings. Her attitude to life can be conveyed, she believes, with the help of the warmest color in the color scheme.
The artist’s favourite classic music, which filled the work with an invisible presence, can be felt through a combination of only 2 basic colors. Her art was influenced in its time and places of her residence. The power and scale of a large city, unlimited opportunity to express her emotions and sensations with the help of canvas and paints.She stubbornly searches for her own manner of filing, experimenting with lines and color rendition.

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