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Press release 29 March 2017


Date Press release: 29 March 2017


Contemporary Art in the Flowers of Shakespeare

Artist Ms Jurita has teamed up with the Lady Ju Art Gallery City of Westminster, London to exhibit his first bodys of paintings. From April 15th, visitors at the Lady Ju Art Gallery can enjoy a visual watching from modern contemporary paintings inspired by local British landscapes. Life, energy and light are a constant presence throughout Jurita’s art.

‘The Lady Ju Art Gallery is a fabulous venue to hang my work’, says Jurita. ‘Visitors and London guests can now experience the juxtaposition of my contemporary art against the historic environment of the Lady Ju Art Gallery in what must be one of the most beautiful historical house in City of Westminster’.

‘We’re offering something extra to our guests and visitors’, adds Jurita, owner of the Private collection of Lady Ju Art Gallery. ‘You can browse the art with a coffee. We’ve already received some fantastic feedback’.

Juriita studied Fine Art in Art courses at Westminster Cathedral in London, England and was tutored by the following artist’s: Carol Baker, Francine Baker and has personal private exhibited in private collections in London. She now works from her studio under the gaze of the artist’s: Carol Baker, Francine Baker in London.


“The Flowers of Shakespeare by Jurita“, Catalogue of Watercolour Paintings of the exhibition of the Jurita 15 March 2017 – 15 April 2017 at Lady Ju Gallery in City of Westminster, London View fully illustrated Art Exhibition Catalogue here’s  >>

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