Meet the team at Lady Ju Gallery who help set up exhibitions, arrange sales, and represent our fantastic artists. 

Olegs Caupjonoks, Gallery Assistant, Social Media Coordinator, is a communications consultant with an extensive experience in Social media as well as Corporate Communication.

He has studied PR & Communication while pursuing his passion and interest for art. Olegs enjoys working on various marketing initiatives, promoting artists during their representation and integrating contemporary art into the fast-paced social media world.

Originally from modern-day urban London, he appreciates both East European and western art and is working toward strengthening the connection. 

Olegs and Jurita artists incorporated aspects of the “real world” into their canvases in Horoscope Art Series.


2019 – Rossotrudnichestvo UK in London

Nadezda Golovko, Coordinator of Arts in East European,  looks through many portfolios of different artists every day, gaining new inspirations for herself from the creativity shared all around the world.

A philosopher both in her soul and in her education, she is also a dedicated art lover and amateur musician.

To her, art and music are the main sources of a happy life. Contact Us




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