Opportunities – Calls for Artists

Lady Ju Gallery welcomes portfolio submissions from artists seeking gallery representation throughout the year. In addition, we contact art competitions which offer valuable prizes and are a great opportunity to help artists take their career to the next level. We have provided useful guidance and valuable advice to emerging and established artists from all over the world who wish to promote their art in London. Exhibiting your artwork in a London art gallery might be the best thing you can do to develop your fine art career. Read artist testimonials.

Gallery Representation and Artist Promotion – Lady Ju Gallery accepts portfolios from artists interested in gallery representation on an ongoing basis. Our Gallery Director, Ma Jurita Kalite, who has experience in the London art market, personally reviews each portfolio and only accepts artists whose work she determines represents a good fit for the market in London. There is a fee for gallery representation and artist promotion which includes participation in an exhibition with an opening reception and online promotion on gallery websites, magazine listings, display advertisements, press releases, postcards, targeted client presentations, personalised PR efforts, museum submissions, and more. In order to be considered for representation by Lady Ju Gallery, you must complete the online submission process. Submit your portfolio to be reviewed for gallery representation.