Jurita Kalite (British 1966)
oil on canvas, 40 x 40 x 0,5 cm
© J Kalite 2017


On the painting we see a characteristic still life. Before us is a fragrant three’s Rose’s with two rosebud and grapes on the seaside table in beautiful day.
A calm day. The sun is shining, but not so bright. Before the eyes opens the space of flight of the soul. With white clouds the sky on the horizon converges with the sea line.
The color are not so bright that at first it seems: the whole picture is painted in different tones of hard color. But this is only at first glance. After looking closely, we see that the sky in the foreground is light blue, just beginning to turn viola. And the sea on the horizont is still cheerfully light blue.
In the landscape there is no sadness; on the contrary, the mood is peaceful, calm. It’s nice day for cup of tea. It fascinates with beauty.
Jurita’s inspiration comes from landscapes by people-watching.  Warm days and vulnerable beauty of nature. In her paintings, Jurita puts all the power of eternal love, which so suddenly fall from her life into another world. Her paintings are like beautiful music and subtle poetry.

Technique of work

The painting is painted with high quality “Winsor & Newton” artist’s oil colour paints with add linseed oil on canvas gallery stretching. Oil painting was waiting fully dry within a couple of months before was protected with dammar varnishing. Dammar Varnish the oldest liquid varnish, this gives a very high gloss and gives protection to recently completed oil paintings.
In a good frame it look all gorgeous. Now this is a very popular kind of painting.
A distinctive feature of this painting are short small brushstrokes. The picture is completely unique. Used painting technique, which excluded backup and exact repetition. The picture will always be only a single instance.