“My dog Masik” art series

Jurita (1966)
My dog Masik, 2018
Amazing painting of Jurita’s artist family dog “Bad Boy Tyler” (Called at home as title “Masik”). Art seria “My dog Masik” was been created In memory of Lovely dog that have been in artist life.
Oil on board, 50 x 40 cm ©
Artist official website: http://ladyjugallery.co.uk/my-dog-masik-art-series

“Dogs go to Rainbow …
And a tear has frozen in my heart ..
But memory ….

“IN MEMORY OF MY LOVELY DOG “BAD BOY TYLER” THAT HAVE BEEN IN MY LIFE. You have left my life, but you will NEVER leave my heart – RIP my dear Masik.”- Jurita

The main painting of this art seria created in Rembrandt van Rijn’s red-orange colours with attractively accent and a sweet doggy.
Elegant sitting sweetly tiny doggy Masik of black-apricot-orange-gold veined with red, open with open heart with attractively friendly eyes.
The growth is open and spreading with dark red matt space.
Great detail in the hair, there are even each hair!
Great composition and colors!
Really different than the typical animals and walltop paintings you generally see.
The frame for the picture is custom-made in Europe on request, especially for this portrait, and brought to England as Special baggage by airline. A frame from a natural leaf’s tree. Gilding of the frame is made with gold leaf.
Jurita’s a big fan of the art tradition found within the paintings. The painting refers to the early period of the artist’s work.
This artwork is part of family collection of artist.
Statement: “Bad Boy Taylor” (Masik)
Tiny Yorkshire terrier, 2009-2018, British
Owner: Jurita, artist
“Dogs go to Rainbow …
And a tear has frozen in my heart ..
But memory ….
October 28, 2018, on the 9th year, my baby went to the rainbow.” You have left my life, but you will NEVER leave my heart – RIP my dear Masik.
“Masik” (in the pedigree name of “Bad Boy Taylor”) is a Yorkshire terrier, lived for 9 years. He was small, but he had a brave heart full of love.
Cause of death: after the operation after 2 months happened relapse
The dog died in 3 days: the blood went into the body, the baby went blind, he was paralysed, epilepsy, he fell into a coma and died on the 3rd day in the hospital on the hand of Jurita’s. Around the clock dropper did not save from hellish pain.
I could not save him … I tried … My grief is on the border … We will definitely meet, my friend, you are forever in my heart …” – Jurita
Masik all the time calling the Jurita to the mountains on the Atlantic ocean, he ask her will come to him, play with him. Jurita goes to dog’s place of memory, carries dog treats, spreads it on the grass … waits for him to see her and come running to her, with a cheerful barking … When he was 40 days after dead, Jurita traveled to the Atlantic Ocean with the hope that, maybe, he would see her from there, from the sky, from a rainbow … While she arrived and reached the Atlantic Ocean, the sunset had already ended in the mountains and total darkness fell. She was came with a flashlight, from memory … “When I began to come back – I heard him barking, fervently … about 2-3 minutes, barking, from behind from above from afar … as if calling me, played, was glad that I arrived … as if he saw me and found sweets. .. when I said that I would come again soon and bring some snacks, he calmed down … “- Jurita
Dog’s Legend:
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ― Josh Billings. 
The Rainbow Bridge is a mythical meeting place between earth and sky in the Afterlife of pets and their owners. At the very edge of the sky there is a place called the Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies, especially if it was very loved by someone in this life, it falls on the Rainbow Bridge. There are endless meadows and hills where our friends can run and play all together. There is an abundance of food, water and sunlight, and our pets are warm and comfortable there. In this land, all sick and old animals turn into young and full of energy; those who had injuries and injuries become healthy and strong again. Time flies for them, if only we remember them in our dreams and dreams. The animals there are happy and satisfied with all but one – each of them left earlier and left someone very dear to him in this life. On the Rainbow Bridge, the animals run and play carelessly all together, but a day comes when one of them suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His eyes light up with fire, and his body begins to tremble with impatience. Suddenly he leaves his fellows, flies over emerald green grass, and his legs carry him faster and faster. He noticed you; and when you and your darling finally meet, you will cling tightly, happy that you have joined and you will never be parted again. He will licked your face, having doused with happiness, your hand will lovingly caress his head again, and you will once again look into the faithful eyes of your pet, who has left your life for so long but never left your heart. Now you can cross the Rainbow Bridge together …
Completion Date: 19/10/2018