Colin MccLuskeyPekingese (Owner: Vitalii Nastas, UK)

Date of award: 6 July 2020

In recognition of Doggie Good Behavior.

For unstinting devotion, courage and companionship to owner.
Thanks to Colin’s lucky chance live again following a serious back trauma. Colin’s Owner was prompted to seek a life-saving diagnosis.

Congratulations! Colin received his MASIKLOVE AWARDS !

Colin’s story:

He needs me, and I need him!

“One morning I received a letter from a friend with a question: do I want a puppy? I read and, of course, asked for a photo, although I did not think to have a pet here in England.

I got a photo right away, but I couldn’t figure out how to look at it, since there was a continuous fluffy lump with a nose.

I couldn’t make decisions right away, but two days later I was at my friend’s house and looked at the puppy.

I was met by a small lump with a tail that ran between my legs and I was worried, as if not to step on it. After a couple of seconds he was already in my arms and I, without even thinking, took it to myself and we went home. A couple of days I thought what to call him and gave him the name Colin.

Everything was fine, until one day, running around the lawn in the garden, he suddenly whined, lay down and stopped moving ..

This moment I can’t forget. I took him to the emergency veterinary service. They said that his spinal disc had shifted and a more thorough examination was needed. Of course, the next morning we were already on our way to Derby. The road is not short and I worried so that Colin would not shake.

The clinic told us that we should leave it for a week with them and, possibly, there will be an operation.

I could not imagine how to leave him there, because we had never parted in a year.

But the doctor explained that in another way he would have excellent care, but I can visit at any time.

The evening was terrible … I could not imagine how he was there, one sick and with strangers to him. Since Colin did not let anyone in and ate from strangers.

Every morning and every evening I went to Derby for 3 hours, took food, a large blanket and he and I lay for a couple of hours on the lawn in front of the hospital. We ate, did paw massage and talked about how everything would be fine. He suffered greatly, because he knew that I would leave soon and he would again be left alone in the clinic .. He spoke with his eyes and I understood him.

The doctor said he was preparing for the scan and then for the operation, but warned that Colin had a weak heart.

Every day the experiences were more and more until a friend advised Colin to give holy water and prays.

On the second morning I already watered, massaged the legs and back of Colin with holy water. It lasted a couple of days.

On Saturday, when I arrived at the clinic, the doctor met with a smile and said that Colin began to walk well. It was simply unrealistic to believe in it, but it was so. We went again to the lawn, but no longer lie down, but walk and enjoy.

On the way home we stopped and bought ice cream and celebrated our great victory.

Not for a second we do not part, he is always with me even at work .. He needs me, and I need him!