Walking up the cobblestone pavement of Old City

“Walking up the cobblestone pavement of Old City”
Jurita Kalite 
Watercolor on paper
29 x 42 cm  
© J Kalite 2016

This video is Presentation of Jurita Kalite’s Oil painting “Walking up the cobblestone pavement of Old City“: 

100% Hand Painted, Signed
Museum Quality Paintings
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On the cobblestone pavement (English Walking up the cobblestone pavement of Old City) – a picture of the British artist Jurita Kalite, made in 2016. The idea of ​​the painting came to Jurita’s in 2016 when she was walking along the Old City with her little friend Terrier Masik.

There is a legend that a happy stone lay in the old town in the middle of the street. On a granite cobble-stone from nature, with colored prodlets, a clear figure of two is two. They say that if you stand on a cobblestone with two lovers, then their desire will come true.

Jurita worked on this composition in the traditions of the Impressionists, using natural light and in the open air. Because the artist wanted to capture a picture of the original city.

This artwork represent a “cocktail” of emotion transmission through color and form, through the combination of application, lines and shapes which determine the mood of the work and an explosive experience of color and soul.

Her attitude to life can be conveyed, she believes, with the help of the warmest color in the color scheme. She began arranging objects in surreal combinations that challenged reason and summoned subconscious and poetic. The artist’s favourite classic music, which filled the work with an invisible presence, can be felt through a combination of only 2 basic colors.

Her art was influenced in its time and places of her residence. The power and scale of a large city, unlimited opportunity to express her emotions and sensations with the help of canvas and paints.

She stubbornly searches for her own manner of filing, experimenting with lines and color rendition.

Technique of work

The painting is painted with high quality “Winsor & Newton” artist’s water colour paints on paper gallery stretching. 
In a good frame it look all gorgeous. Now this is a very popular kind of painting.
The picture is completely unique. The picture will always be only a single instance.


The Painting of the City view will fit in almost any interior style. Decorate a living room, office, hall or country house.

How to keep

The Painting live for centuries. In this we can see by visiting any Museum of fine arts. It is important to place the painting in the interior. Away from direct sunlight, radiators and draughts. 

Provenance of a painting

The provenance of the painting is clear and under no doubt. The painting was written in the artist’s studio in London. Now the property of the artist’s family, on permanent display at the Lady Ju Art Gallery, City of Westminster, London SW1V United Kingdom. All these years, the painting was kept by the Family Gallerie of the artist Jurita Kalite’s and remained unscathed. 

History associated with


Historical and cultural value

Fame of the author, biography of the author:

Ms Jurita Kalite came from former Soviet Union, painter, founder and CEO of Lady Ju Gallery in London Westminster, owned by artist’s family. Russian emigrant artist of the Third Wave (1948-1989 / 1990) – emigration of the Cold War period. Jurita studied Fine Art at the Clauzel-B Art School in London in Carol Baker Art class, attended art-lectures in the London branch of the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She regularly participate in art exhibitions, showing his work together with works by the leading masters of fine arts.


March 2018 – Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London UK  >> Catalogue here’s

November 2017 – Saatchi Screen Annual Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery, London UK  >> Catalogue here’s

October 2017  – Clauzel -B Art School exhibition, Lady Ju Gallery, London, UK >> Catalogue here’s

August 2017  – Rhythm And Movement In Art Jazz by Ms Jurita Kalite, Solo Exhibition at Lady Ju Gallery, London UK >> Catalogue here’s

March 2017  – The Flowers of Shakespeare by Ms Jurita Kalite, Solo Exhibition at Lady Ju Gallery, London UK >> Catalogue here’s

Наличие работ данного автора в частных коллекциях в Швейцарии, Великобритании, России.

Certificate of Authority (CA)

Ms Jurita Kalite as author and artist include with every painting she drawing a Certificate of Authority (CA). It’s a personal letter to the buyer on Ms Jurita Kalite’s letterhead documenting the title of the piece, size and medium and the support, to whom it was sold and the date. This begins the ‘provenance’ of the artwork which can be passed on to any new owner documenting a sale or gift to another. Ms Jurita Kalite also include the statement that she retain all copyrights to the image.

Preservation of Oil Painting

The picture is in perfect condition and safe. In the frame. Without damage. Since its inception was stored in a private gallery of the artist’s family in London. Transported for exhibitions in the gallery by all the rules for the transport of works of art, in the appropriate packaging and temperature.

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На мощеном мостовом (англичане, поднимающемся по булыжной мостовой Старого города) – картина британского художника Юрита Калите, сделанная в 2016 году. Идея картины пришла к Юрите в 2016 году, когда она шла по Старому городу с ее маленький друг Терьер Масик.

Есть легенда, что счастливый камень лежит в старом городе посреди улицы. На гранитном булыжнике из природы, с цветными пролетами, четкая фигура из двух – две. Говорят, что если вы окажетесь на булыжнике с двумя любовниками, тогда их желание сбудется.

Юрита работала над этой композицией в традициях импрессионистов, используя естественный свет и на открытом воздухе. Потому что художник хотел захватить картину изначального города.

Это произведение представляет собой «коктейль» передачи эмоций через цвет и форму, благодаря сочетанию применения, линий и форм, которые определяют настроение работы и взрывное ощущение цвета и души.

Ее отношение к жизни может быть передано, по ее мнению, с помощью самого теплого цвета в цветовой гамме. Она начала устраивать объекты в сюрреалистических комбинациях, которые оспаривали разум и вызывали подсознание и поэзию. Любимая классическая музыка художника, которая заполнила работу невидимым присутствием, ощущается благодаря сочетанию только двух основных цветов.

На ее искусство повлияли время и места ее проживания. Власть и масштаб большого города, неограниченная возможность выразить свои эмоции и ощущения с помощью холста и красок.

Она упрямо ищет свою собственную форму подачи, экспериментируя с линиями и цветопередачей.



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Painting Title: “Walking up the cobblestone pavement of Old City” (рус. По булыжной мостовой)
Artist: Ms Jurita Kalite (рус. Юрита Калите)
Year: 2016
Medium: Watercolor on paper (рус. Акварель на бумаге)
Dimensions: 29 cm x 42 cm
Location: Now the property of the artist’s family, on permanent display at the Lady Ju Art Gallery, City of Westminster, London SW1V United Kingdom (Частная галерея семьи артиста, Вестминстер, Лондон Англия)
> http://ladyjugallery.co.uk/exhibitions/walking-cobblestone-pavement-old-city