Tango of Love

Tango of Love
Jurita Kalite, 2017
Watercolor on paper, 15 cm x 21 cm (6″ x 8.26″)

Tango of Love / Tango of Love
When I hear Tango’s passion,
The ecstasy of desire fills the flesh …
In an instant … for two, one …
Bliss … Dance of two!
(Ms Jurita Kalite, 2017)

ARTWORK DESCRIPTIONS “Story of Painting “Missing Love”What/who inspired the work?
What do you hope its viewers will feel/think?
An unusual embodiment understanding of love on art is a love-series of works “”UNE VIE D’AMOUR” of artist Ms Jurita Kalite.
The painting “Missing love” is included in the series of artwork “Eternal Love”. In the artist’s life there were difficult periods, tragedies. Her deeply beloved, wonderful friend died from heart attack many years ago. Eternal love and memory of him live in the artwork of the artist.
Her paintings help to suffer and experience on long paths in eternity.
On the painting we can see as her beautiful friend already gone in forever in eternity.
In the space of the color, Jurita sees the symbol of infinity, because color has no beginning and end and therefore symbolizes infinity.
The short, captivating beauty of the love reminds us of the transience of human life.
The artist’s favourite classic music, which filled all the works with an invisible presence, can be felt through a combination of only 2 basic colors. Her art was influenced in its time and places of her residence. The power and scale of a large city, unlimited opportunity to express her emotions and sensations with the help of canvas and paints.
She stubbornly searches for her own manner of filing, experimenting with lines and color rendition.