“Love Rain”
Jurita Kalite
Watercolor on paper, 21 х 15 cm
© J Kalite 2017
Someday I will return to you by the rain …
Rain in autumn in the memory of the rustling …
You will tell me … It was all a dream …
And I will answer … It was happiness
(Ms Jurita Kalite, 2017)
An unusual embodiment understanding of love on art is a series of works “”UNE VIE D’AMOUR” of artist Ms Jurita Kalite. The watercolor painting “LOVE RAIN” is included in the series of artwork “Eternal Love”. The idea of the painting came to Jurita’s in 2016 when she was walking along the Old City streets with her little friend Yorkshire terrier Masik. There is a legend that a happy stone lay in the old town in the middle of the street. On a granite cobblestone, by nature, with colored lines show a clear image number 2 (two). They say that if two lovers will stand on a cobblestone, then their desire will come true.

Technique of work

The painting is painted with high quality “Winsor & Newton” artist’s watercolor paints on paper gallery quality. 
In a good frame it look all gorgeous. Now this is a very popular kind of painting.
A distinctive feature of this painting are short small brushstrokes. The picture is completely unique. Used painting technique, which excluded backup and exact repetition. The picture will always be only a single instance.