Light Pink Rose

Light Pink Rose
Jurita Kalite
watercolor, 42 x 29 cm
© J Kalite 2017


Jurita’s paintings help to suffer and experience on long paths in eternity. In the bouton of the rose, Jurita sees the symbol of infinity, because the rose is round, and the circle has no beginning and end and therefore symbolizes infinity. The short, captivating beauty of the rose reminds us of the transience of human life.

Technique of work

The painting is painted with high quality “Winsor & Newton” artist’s watercolor paints on paper gallery quality. 
In a good frame it look all gorgeous. Now this is a very popular kind of painting.
A distinctive feature of this painting are short small brushstrokes. The picture is completely unique. Used painting technique, which excluded backup and exact repetition. The picture will always be only a single instance.