Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom
Jurita Kalite
watercolor 29 x 42 cm
© 2017 J Kalite


Cherry blossom watercolor Painting in style u-sin. In the artist’s life there were difficult periods, tragedies. Her deeply beloved, wonderful friend died from heart attack many years ago. Eternal love and memory of him live in the artwork of the artist. Her paintings help to suffer and experience on long paths in eternity. The short, captivating beauty of the cherry blossom reminds us of the transience of human life. Artist hope its viewers will feel and think how important to keep lucky chance of great love, our life is so shortly.

Ms Jurita Kalite contemplates what hanami (cherry blossom viewing) can teach us about minimalist living. Their ephemerality is what makes cherry blossoms so special. They only bloom for two weeks. We have no control over when they enter or leave our lives; we can only wait patiently for them to flower, appreciate every minute they’re in bloom, and then watch the petals fall to the ground. They remind us of the insignificance of material items, and how little one needs to truly be happy:

1. Seek beauty in nature. Instead of filling your home with decorative objects, look outside to satisfy your desire for aesthetic beauty.

2. Appreciate things without owning them. Don’t feel the need to acquire everything you fancy. Appreciate the beauty of a spring flower—without bringing it home.

3. Go with the flow. Don’t try to control the events, things, or people in your life with an iron fist. You’ll feel much happier, and more serene, if you let things happen of their own accord.

4. Nothing lasts forever. Recognize that you can’t hold onto everything indefinitely, and that some of the most beautiful things in life are the shortest-lived.

5. Let things go. Cherry blossoms fall at the height of their beauty, rather than withering on the branch. Allow possessions to fall from your life in the same way, like petals scattered to the wind.

Technique of work

The painting is painted with high quality “Winsor & Newton” artist’s watercolor paints on paper gallery quality. 
In a good frame it look all gorgeous. Now this is a very popular kind of painting.
A distinctive feature of this painting are short small brushstrokes. The picture is completely unique. Used painting technique, which excluded backup and exact repetition. The picture will always be only a single instance.