Abstract flowers bloom of three

Abstract flowers bloom of three
Ms Jurita Kalite
Watercolor on paper
21 x 15 cm ( 8.27″ x 5.91″)

© J Kalite 2017


ARTWORK DESCRIPTIONS “Story of Painting “ABSTRACT FLOWERS BLOOM I”What/who inspired the work? 
What do you hope its viewers will feel/think?
Why did you choose the medium, subject matter, style?Beautiful relaxed painting of artist-abstractionist Ms Jurita Kalite. She is not indifferent to flowers, and so much that she created a whole series of paintings.
Thus, the author points out his respect to the genius of nature
All the works included in this collection represent a “cocktail” of emotion transmission through color and form, through the combination of application, geometric lines, shapes and sizes which determine the mood of the works. She began arranging objects in surreal combinations that challenged reason and summoned subconscious and poetic.An explosive experience of color and soul, encompassing this original watercolor flowers Paintings. Ms Jurita Kalite’s wildly expressionistic brush captures the very depths of their spirit. 
The artist’s favourite classic music, which filled all the works with an invisible presence, can be felt through a combination of only 2 basic colors.Her art was influenced in its time and places of her residence. The power and scale of a large city, unlimited opportunity to express her emotions and sensations with the help of canvas and paints.