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Jurita exhibition Press release 20 July 2017

Date Press release: 20 July 2017



September 2017

Art Exhibition 

 Country: London, United Kingdom

Venue:  Lady Ju Art Gallery

Private View: September 2017 – 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Lady Ju Gallery is a free close event by invitation.

Ms Jurita is pleased to announce her Summer Exhibition the 2017 in London  “Rhythm And Movement In Art Jazz”  at the Lady Ju Art Gallery.

Curated by artist Ms Jurita.

The Carol Baker and Francis Baker acting as judge of the submitted artworks.

This non-commercial exposition present pictures, drawings by artist Ms Jurita and collections of a specific form of art.

The event is organized on a specific occasion as 10 years anniversary of business work of Juka Britannia Consulting, formed in early 2007 a London based event management company of Lady Ju Gallery.

Ms Jurita is known for represents the harmonious combination of a abstract richly colored shadow in contemporary art and modern technology, in a subtle play of light and shade. is an interdisciplinary artist and member of the Mall Gallery of British Artist. She studied in Carol Baker art class (2016/2018).

An important is noted between exhibits some or all of the artworks are for sale. Each of work is Signed and ready to hang, framed. On September, the Lady Ju Gallery on exhibit will displayed few of Ms Jurita’s works and it start valued at £450.

This service is only available by appointment only for serious buyers with a genuine interest to purchase.

Please contact artist during opening hours for more information.

 “RHYTHM AND MOVEMENT IN ART JAZZ” Catalogue of Art exhibition September 2017 at Lady Ju Gallery in City of Westminster, London View fully illustrated Art Exhibition Catalogue here’s  >>

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