How to package an Large Artwork – Jurita Art Tutorial

How to package an Large Artwork in a cardboard box – Jurita Art Tutorial.
Commission work based on “Night Water 40 x 30 inches” for Singulart’s gallery client Ms Salcetti in the USA has been completed (10 days total).
This Comission work – Night Water Lilies 44 – very large size acrylic, gilding – a painting for a client in America was from the Singulart Gallery from Paris France (partner of Sotheby’s auction and Forbes). As I was told by “a very important client” – therefore the artwork must be done flawlessly.
Painting I had to pack:
1) According to all the rules of the international level Art Gallery.
2) Double protective layer of both cardboard and foam, so as not to break through the walls.
3) Waterproofing.
4) To insure the painting, there must be complete safety of the canvas in any case – fell, water, rain, snow, etc. (well, within a reasonable insurance policy, of course).
5) It was necessary to meet the technical requirements and the quality of the packaging material according to the highest standards.
6) To make everything look like from an expensive boutique.
7) In general, I wrapped the doll for two days)).
😎 Hurray – the picture flew to America)).
There are many other ways to package art, apply these principles, and find the best fit for your situation.
Actually having a hard cardboard box is a must as it is a long way to go and shippers are very rough with these packages.
SUMMARY (Steps and Tips)
1. CRAFT PAPER – Add kraft paper to reduce friction.
2. Bubble wrap – Bubbles should be outside.
3. CARDBOARD – Use tape to seal all sides
And that’s all for today. Many thanks)
They were Jurita Art
Have a good day)
Some history from paintig provenance :
“The White Lilies” is painting about a poem, written by the English poet David Kudykov at 18 February 2020 in London.
“What wonderful lilies
My favourite flowers…
From the past, from the summer of the past,
From childhood, from my poems.
Divorces of the morning pond,
Dreams are an exciting deception.
The artist herself is like a miracle,
What a white lily herself.”
Please see the video of this 5 days process, I made in Storm Eunice time: with winds 100mph outdoor in London around my art studio.
I am so glad that in this storm time, in my small patio I still could film a video for you 🙂
Link to video :