Jurita’s series of works “COVID-19 ”. Since life is not lives forever. Artwork born in confinement and quarantine COVID-19 Pandemic after February 2020.

In artist life there difficult periods, tragedies. Jurita’s paintings show nervous of our world and help to suffer and experience on long paths in pandemic period.

COVID19-Requiem, Jurita, April 2020m acrylic on canvas, 60 x 80 cm
Artwork born in confinement and quarantine COVID-19 Pandemic after February 2020. A History of the painting is written on real events of COVID-19 Pandemic, which makes it even more impressive. RIP – This artwork My memories and tributes for those who have died from Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

I have advert this artwork in social media just two days ago and now the people get shocked and send to me message as “Thank you”, “Great job”, “In Loving  Memory”, “Memories and Tributes” etc.

For Video presentation please follow link: Jurita Requiem with Lacrimosa-Requiem in D minor, K.626, Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus >>


On the painting you can see as blue terrible color already come to us in our world and start broke our everyday life.

In the space of the color, Jurita sees the symbol of panic, because color has no beginning and end and therefore symbolizes infinity.

on the landscape painting you can see as Jurita try to continue live in peace without panic, but everyday life in blue dark color to remember to us what is happened now around us..

Place and time of creation: The painting was created by the english artist Jurita (in the future called as “Jurita”). Jurita’s art studio in London UK.


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