Ms Jurita Kalite (Kalitis), British artist, painter, Founder and CEO Lady Ju Gallery in London, United Kingdom
Ms Jurita AGSA, British artist, painter, Founder and CEO Lady Ju Gallery in London, United Kingdom

The artist Jurita are nationally recognised for the quality of her work. She have held solo exhibitions, been awarded prestigious art prizes, have exhibited outside of their home country and appeared in national and specialist press.

Jurita is a web design professional who is devoted to the arts. Having earned a Certificate in University of Tel Aviv, she continues to learn about Fine Art and design in University of the Arts London and  on courses throughout London and Europe.
Jurita constantly practicing painter, works in the genre of landscape, animalistics, still life. 


In current time since 2016 takes lessons in painting, drawing, composition from estonian (former USSR) artist Sergey Minin.

2018-2019 in Art class Royal academy of Art in London.

2016-2017 Art class british artists Carol Baker and french artist Francine Baker.

She founded Lady Ju Gallery in 2016 and has since been involved in the development of the gallery and the integration of new technologies in the art field. Her experience working in galleries includes liaising with artists and their representatives, sales, social media promotion and organising exhibitions. She is inspired by working with artists – their passion fuels her own.

Jurita are founder of The MasikLove Award – is a opportunity that recognises and rewards dogs that go for the benefit of the World’s million’s dogs and their owners. Dogs can feel the love.Winners of the MasikLove Awards are chosen by public vote through Social Media. http://ladyjugallery.co.uk/masiklove-award

Jurita, born in Riga Latvia in 1966 (former USSR), have her first introduction to art, when, in 1970 her family arrived for the summer holiday, in country house in Jurmala on the Baltic beach.

Her granddad provide to her color pencils and album, and Jurita began experimenting in the art of landscape, sea.

The earliest extant drawing by Jurita is a big size wall drawing “Sailboat with inflated sails at sea”. All time when the artist family owned country home – this wall drawing keep on the wall. In independent Latvia, house was demolished and drawing gone and this “simple” pencil wall sketch is gone.

On 1991 The Soviet Union Collapsed and The Baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) declared their independence from Moscow.
From this time Jurita never return to this country.

Jurita’s business connections forced her to eager to go to Germany, Switzerland and Israel. Than her social success made her decision to move in London England.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Jurita beginning to be volunteer in civil society City of Westminster in London, she would like to be together in tough times and help her community with the following: 1) Having a friendly phone / online conversation with those at risk of loneliness when in isolation; 2) Walking dogs for those self-isolating in City of Westminster area; 3) Professional Skills: online drawing and sketching classes for beginner; 4) Art Gallery’s traveling exhibition.
For her help as volunteer, Jurita had received “A Thank You From Councillor Caplan” letter from the City of Westminster council at Wed, 22 Apr 2020, 13:15pm.

Jurita now began working on the history paintings she had lived and dreamed of.


18 June 2020 “A Thank You” From Queen Elizabeth II from the Westminster Castle http://ladyjugallery.co.uk/awards

22 April 2020 – “A Thank You From Councillor Caplan” Letter of volunteering During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak from the City of Westminster council London, signed by Councillor Melvyn Caplan, Deputy Leader & Cabinet Member for Finance, Property and Regeneration, Lead Member for Westminster Connects, Ward Member for Little Venice.

02/2020 – “AGSA Qualification Certificate” by the Guild Society of Artists UK

2019 – “Star 2019” Award from The Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP in The Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


2020 – Guild Society of Artists UK, London UK.
2020 – Fine Art Trade Guild, London UK
2020 – Original Art Register Artist, UK
2017 – Mall Galleries, London UK.


2019 – The MasikLove Award – Start International Art and Animals pilot project http://ladyjugallery.co.uk/masiklove-award

2018 – 2020 International pilot project “Art and Basketball”


April 2020 – “stayARThome”, Rossotrudnichestvo UK, 37 High Street Kensington Gallery. (Group exhibitions)

November 2019 – “Jurita-My Art Story”, Rossotrudnichestvo UK, Kensington London >> Catalogue here’s (Solo exhibitions)

2018 – “Jurita Art”, Saatchi Gallery, London (Group exhibitions)

March 2018 – Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London UK (Group exhibitions)

November 2017 – Saatchi Screen Annual Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery, London UK  >> Catalogue here’s (Group exhibitions)

October 2017  – Clauzel -B Art School exhibition, Lady Ju Gallery, London, UK >> Catalogue here’s (Group exhibitions)

August 2017  – Rhythm And Movement In Art Jazz by Ms Jurita, Solo Exhibition at Lady Ju Gallery, London UK >> Catalogue here’s (Solo exhibitions)

March 2017  – The Flowers of Shakespeare by Ms Jurita, Solo Exhibition at Lady Ju Gallery, London UK >> Catalogue here’s (Solo exhibitions)


2020 – “BEST LIFE XXI”, There are 14 lots in total (originals) go for a art and charity auction during COVID-19 in Diplomatic missions, Notting Hill, London.


March 2020 – “Bad Boy Tyler” oil painting choosed in present to Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace, London.


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