Ms Jurita Kalite (Kalitis), British artist, painter, Founder and CEO Lady Ju Gallery in London, United Kingdom
Ms Jurita, British artist, painter, Founder and CEO Lady Ju Gallery in London, United Kingdom
Jurita is a web design professional who is devoted to the arts. Having earned a Certificate in University of Tel Aviv, she continues to learn about Fine Art and design in University of the Arts London and  on courses throughout London and Europe.
Jurita Kalite (Kalitis) constantly practicing painter, works in the genre of landscape, animalistics, still life. Studied 2018-2019 in Art class Royal academy of Art in London.  2016-2017 Art class british artists Carol Baker and french artist Francine Baker. In current time since 2016 takes lessons in painting, drawing, composition from estonian (former USSR) artist Sergey Minin.
She founded LADY JU GALLERY in 2016 and has since been involved in the development of the gallery and the integration of new technologies in the art field. Her experience working in galleries includes liaising with artists and their representatives, sales, social media promotion and organising exhibitions. She is inspired by working with artists – their passion fuels her own.

Jurita is experienced in producing work through a broad range of art mediums including; oils, pastels, watercolours, inks, drawing, clay and photography.
A distinctive feature of paintings are short small brushstrokes. The all paintings is completely unique. Used painting technique, which excluded backup and exact repetition.
She also facilitates art through group and workshop practice.
The paintings will always be only a single issue.


2019 – Jurita received Award from The Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP in The Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


2017 – Member of the Mall Galleries.


Jurita’s some of painting belong to private Art collectors from Switzerland, England, Russia, Latvia, India. 
Jurita regularly participate in Art exhibitions, showing his work together with works by the leading masters of fine arts: Mall Gallery of Royal Society of British Artists, Saatchi Gallery, Lady Ju Gallery in London United Kingdom.