Dear Collectors and art enthusiasts!
You are very welcome to watch my art gallery! Lady Ju Gallery just a place where I work and show my paintings. My approach attracting the attention of is to meet the new collectors and art enthusiasts allery initially without any information … you will quietly pop by to see how my exhibitions are doing.
With Love, Ms Jurita

Why Buy Original Art?

The ARTmine Experts discuss what original art is and why choosing to buy original art over reproductions is a more beneficial decision. Original art, or original fine art, isn’t “original” just because it’s creative—it’s original because it’s one-of-a-kind. Its opposite is a reproduction: a print or even a poster, manufactured in larger quantities by a machine. Original art is typically far more expensive than reproductions. In the middle ground between original art and reproductions is the ‘limited edition’ print. Many photographers or graphic artists will only print a limited quantity of their artwork, anywhere from 1-200 copies. The smaller the edition size, the more valuable the artwork will typically be.

Why is Original Fine Art More Expensive Than Mass-Produced Art?

There are three main reasons why original fine art is more expensive than mass-produced reproductions.


Its one-of-a-kind nature makes original fine art a ‘rarity.’ Just like you, there are no other versions of this artwork out there, making it very special and valuable. For the right to have the only ‘living’ version of an artwork, you have to pay more. However, if thousands of people own the same artwork, it is no longer unique. This is why the mass-produced versions are far less expensive. Art buyers would not be willing to spend as much money for a ‘common’ item.

Ease of production

When you mass-produce an artwork, you can set up a large printer to manufacture several copies at once. The mechanical nature of this allows countless reproductions to be created at a time. However, original artwork takes a lot more time. The artist may spend hours, days, months, and sometimes, years, to produce the final product. Because of how difficult and time-consuming that artwork was to create, the artist needs to charge more money, in order to earn a liveable wage.


In order to be easily produced in large quantities, the quality of prints and reproductions suffer. There are no affordable technologies that can layer oil paints in a beautifully textured, delicate way upon the canvas. For this reason, prints and other reproductions will be made using less expensive materials, creating a much ‘flatter’ look than original fine art. Original fine art is hand-crafted by an artist, ensuring a finer, more carefully perfected quality.

Benefits of Buying Original Art


Original artwork is hand-produced, and every color is specifically chosen and hand-applied. Even the most amateur art lover can tell the difference between an original artwork and a store-bought décor item.


A one-of-a-kind artwork will make your space your own. Even if the artwork isn’t by a well-known artist, the originality of the piece evokes more of a sense of wealth and personality into your living space.


Original artworks have depth – literally, this depth will always fill a room more powerfully than a flat poster against a wall.

The ‘Story’

However, when you buy original art, it’s often an adventure. Many times you may meet the artist in person, hear their story behind the artwork, and understand the feeling behind it. Or you might have seen it in an art gallery on a vacation. Because the process of buying original artwork is so different from buying mass-produced consumer artwork, you can usually expect to have a great story to tell at the end of it. Not only can these stories impress your guests, but they’ll also help forge deeper personal connections between you and the artwork you buy.

Investment value

The great thing about buying artwork is that it can often appreciate in value. Artwork typically does not lose its value for having been pre-owned. Instead, if you invest smart, your artwork may be worth more after years hanging in your living room than it was worth when you first bought it.