Jurita Kalite is the artist, Art collectors, founder of the Lady Ju Gallery

Jurita Kalite (Kalitis) is the british artist, Art collectors, founder and CEO of the Lady Ju Gallery
Jurita Kalite is a web design professional who id devoted to the arts. Having earned a Certificate in University of Tel Aviv, she continues to learn about Fine Art and design in University of the Arts London and  on courses throughout London and Europe she studied in Ms Sergei Minin Class of Art (start in 2016-current).
She founded Lady Ju Gallery in 2016 and has since been involved in the development of the gallery and the integration of new technologies in the art field. Her experience working in galleries includes liaising with artists and their representatives, sales, social media promotion and organising exhibitions. She is inspired by working with artists – their passion fuels her own.
Jurita is experienced in producing work through a broad range of art mediums including; oils, pastels, watercolours, inks, drawing, printmaking and photography. She also facilitates art through group and workshop practice. In this role, she is particularly inspired by empowering people to explore their environment, interpret their experiences, and discover the wonder of imagination and creativity.
Jurita is a versatile and experienced artist who works in a number of areas. Each area has its own page on her work. More information on Jurita work can be found below as well as direct links to the corresponding pages of official artist website www.ladyjugallery.co.uk where you will find examples of her work. Some of her work may be for sale. To make an enquiry or to purchase an item please contact Jurita via an appropriate email link. 
Jurita’s fine art work encompass a variety of media, including oil painting on canvas. She has always attracted beyond the conventional, and her multi-compositional works might be described as collages, using ink, pastel, wax, combined with other ‘mixed media’ on canvas, board and other surfaces.
Within fine art, Jurita is perhaps best known for creating images by building up color play using composite images with overlays mixed-media. Experimentation is and has always been an important part of her creative process.
She is inspired chiefly by the inter-relationship of music and personal feeling. Colour is always a strong element to her work, and her sense of colour relations play a major part in her process of composition. 
As well as working and researching in her Pimlico Westminster studio, Jurita works outdoors, taking her inspiration from nature and the environment. When working for her web design, also she added a new dimension to this, by taking photographs of natural materials and manipulating these on the computer to create digital images. A selection of her work in differing medias may be seen in the Mass-media section of this site. Some are available for sale. 
For details contact Jurita via the email link jukaconsulting@gmail.com specifying which piece you are attracted to. For ease of identity, each piece also carries a coded reference as well as a title. 
Jurita has worked within art education for more than several years. She has a experience, working with children of all ages, as well as with adult and family groups and of designing workshops to suit each of her client groups. She also has experience of building and running specialised art workshops to facilitate support to people with criminal issues, communication help needs. Through her workshops Jurita aims to develop participant skill and creativity. 
Jurita’s workshop locations range from museums and galleries, such as National Gallery and Lady Ju Gallery and UEL Univercity. 
Further information on Jurita’s workshop skills may be seen on official artist website www.ladyjugallery.co.uk. Jurita can lead workshops or assist in workshops as a part of a team. Jurita is able to undertake either role, as may be appropriate or preferred for a client group.
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