Basketball Energy art series

Invincible power and inexhaustible energy, the body will become the embodiment of perfect beauty. Mixed media acrylic and clay. Modelling clay include my personal ingredients. 

I painted this for NASSA for 10 years anniversary. 19 December 2018. Basketball takes care of people in the world around it. All items depicted on the canvas have symbolic meanings.
A rose in a frame of aggressive color indicates the perfection of the world of motherhood in the center of the universe and the cosmic wheel. The blood red background color is intended to be the color of love and motherhood. Dark blue background color means a world of suffering and sacrifice. The rose grows on the Tree of Life, which symbolise rebirth. Pure pink rose color is a symbol of purity. The rose is a symbol of excellence, and the shape of its blossoming bud in the image of a basketball symbolism the birth of basketball for all times. The sign of the rose is a symbol of infinity. An open bud looks like a round basketball with no beginning and no end. Roman emperors wore wreaths of roses as a crown. The image of a rose when viewed from above is called a rosette. A large number of rose petals symbolism the maturation of players in a team. According to legend, this “queen of flowers” ​​grew in a thornless paradise, but gained them to protect against the cruelty of the surrounding world.