Art Class for Beginner

Jurita in Lady Ju Gallery teach Beginners and deliver lectures.
Jurita offers Beginners for everyone in art programs in Art class at Lady Ju Gallery in London.
The Beginners program invites art lovers to the Lady Ju Gallery to teach workshops. Beginners Classes provide opportunities for intensive interaction with artist Jurita working in a variety of media and from a broad spectrum of cultural viewpoints.
Working closely with this artist and through exposure to their opinion, motivations and working methods, students to gain insight into how artist approach the making of art and respond to the work of others.

Jurita has worked within art education for more than several years. She has a experience, working with children of all ages, as well as with adult and family groups and of designing workshops to suit each of her client groups. She also has experience of building and running specialised art workshops to facilitate support to people with criminal issues, communication help needs. Through her workshops Jurita aims to develop participant skill and creativity. 

Jurita’s workshop locations range from museums and galleries, such as National Gallery and Lady Ju Gallery and UEL University Sport Dock. 

Further information on Jurita’s workshop skills may be seen on official artist website Jurita can lead workshops or assist in workshops as a part of a team. Jurita is able to undertake either role, as may be appropriate or preferred for a client group.


The application for Art Class already opens full year.
Open to applicants who like art.
Value for money – this is the cheapest art class in London.
All equipment is to be both by student. Some of materials we will provided.
Awards will be allocated at the year. 
We will also be having exhibition and museum visits.

Please go see our exhibition here >> ….. info coming soon….
Let sketching be part of your life!!!

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