Abstract art series

“The depicted mythological and allegorical objects are combined into a kind of theatrical action created by the imagination of me. I wants to convey to the viewer the opportunity to feel big city energy and fast life.” Jurita

This video is Presentation of Jurita’s Oil painting “CLOWN & HARLEQUIN FACES”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9ev8ImGhSA&feature=youtu.be 

Beautiful oil on canvas painting of the Clown and harlequin faces. 

A LITTLE PATIENCE – The picture got its name from the situation at artist’s house. Jurita drew her works so enthusiastically and excitingly that the dog got tired of waiting for the walk in the park to begin. Masik jumped on the table, went to the computer and stared at the artist with a hypnotic look, hoping to go for a walk in the park. Seeing these eyes full of hope, Jurita assured Masik with the words “Well, wait a little bit, we will go for a walk now.” It is from these words that the name of the picture “Wait a little bit” took its beginning.

Sexy Woman Legs in Red – Talking about sexy, can be slightly disturbing, a tank too big, a skirt slightly too short, a heel very hight on a very sober outfit, a silver blick slipping between the breast, a bare shoulder…